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Find the Invisible Cow

Have you ever heard of a game called Find the Invisible Cow? If so, you’re not alone roobytalk. The popular game is actually a bit silly, requiring users to tap a white screen to locate the cow. It comes complete with a cow voice and yelling, and you can even keep track of the number of cows you’ve found. The game allows users to share their cow hunting moments on Facebook, where others can see them. The game has two incarnations – one with the cow and one with a fox dydepune.

Unlike many games, the Invisible Cow is free online. The game is available for PC and is categorized in the Hidden & Escape Room genre. As of this writing, it has received over 1023 plays, with 77% of those votes being positive. It is designed with html5 technology, and is available for Windows PCs, Android devices, iPhones, and mobile web. Once you’ve mastered the game, you’ll be able to compete with your friends in the Facebook competition for the highest score filmy4wep.

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