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How to Spruce Up a Very Small Bathroom Remodel

A very small bathroom remodel can be a great way to spruce up an otherwise dreary space. A simple concrete quilt tile stencil can add a burst of energy to ikgrand an otherwise bland space. A minimalist approach to design is often used for small bathroom remodel projects, and it can yield surprising results. Here are some examples of such a transformation. One example is a mademoiselle bathroom remodel, which replaced a shower enclosure with a glass partition, and installed a dual sink console vanity for added space. A circular mirror was placed in place of the rectangular one.

When choosing a color scheme for a very cfcnet small bathroom, choose light, neutral colors that can add a touch of whimsy to the room. White walls are a popular choice for small bathrooms, but you can also consider other trendy colors to make the space feel larger. Consider replacing the standard bathroom door with a pocket door. These doors retract into the wall to maximize the space. Pocket doors can help you newscircles save on space and still add style to a tiny bathroom.

One way to create a more spacious feel in a very small todayposting bathroom is to raise the ceiling. This will add a sense of space while maintaining privacy. Also, if you choose to hang crown molding in the ceiling, try to use narrower pieces to match the color of the ceiling. Avoid hanging hyves down ceiling fixtures as they will only emphasize the room’s small size. You can also try recessed lighting and wall sconces to make the ceiling appear higher.

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