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The Importance of Dentist in Society

We often hear about the dentist as a lone practitioner. In reality, he is part of a multi-disciplinary team – a dental assistant, a dental hygienist, and even other health professionals. Dentists are also considered benevolent healthcare professionals, working with other health professionals to promote good oral health. Dentists earn more than the national average, enjoy a flexible work schedule, and can even provide oral health care for groups and populations that do not have access to it.

Dentists play a critical role in our society. They not only look after our teeth and gums, but they also diagnose diseases and offer treatments to correct them. They also participate in research and development, testing new dental products and investigating genes and bacteria to improve oral health. In addition to ensuring our health, dentists also educate people about oral hygiene, including how to properly care for our teeth and gums. They also educate people on proper oral hygiene, including the importance of brushing and flossing.

A dental profession is growing at a rapid rate, and it is exciting to be part of this dynamic industry. Dentists are the primary health care professionals, often recognizing a wide range of diseases in patients. They are also responsible for detecting problems that affect the gums, teeth, tongue, and jaws. Because these diseases can often signal more serious health issues, dentists play a pivotal role in preserving the general health of society.

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