Ways To Make Your Car Monsoon Ready

The arrival of the rains will provide a much-needed respite from the oppressive heat. Many people have already begun to plan weekend getaways to a hill station or long road trips to take advantage of the monsoon. Not to mention, driving in the rain can be ideal and the worst. Although the cloudy weather makes for a beautiful drive, the flooded streets and poor visibility could make it difficult for you to drive.

  • Check Your Tires Frequently: To prevent your car from spinning/skidding or losing control, checking your tires regularly is crucial. Replace your car’s worn-out tires and inflate them to the proper pressure.
  • Check Car Battery: Car batteries are stressed during the monsoon because of the increased use of lights and wipers brought on by the heavy rains. Therefore, keep an eye on the batteries and replace them beforehand to prevent getting stuck in a storm or during heavy rainfall.
  • Check The Brakes: Make sure the brakes are working correctly. They lose some effectiveness When the brakes are damp. The car’s internal components are harmed by water, which negatively affects the brakes. Brakes must be working correctly to prevent a rise in braking distances and failure.
  • Purchase a full-coverage auto insurance policy: If your damaged car insurance does not cover your car, damages from flooding or waterlogging could break the bank. Rain can also harm your car’s exterior and interior. Therefore, it is wise always to keep the car covered with a comprehensive car insurance policy and the appropriate set of add-ons to avoid any possible damage-related financial loss. You can purchase add-ons to limit your vehicle’s financial liability for issues like tire damage, breakdowns, water-related engine damage, or other monsoon-related problems. *

Make sure you understand the process of how to claim car insurance.

  • Engine Protection Cover: Driving on water-logged roads in vehicles with lower ground clearance increases the risk of engine damage. It should go without saying that an engine is the most expensive component of a car and that its replacement or upkeep is quite costly. Therefore, getting this add-on cover is essential to avoid paying for repairs. *
  • Consumables Cover: Driving on roads with many potholes causes the car’s nuts, bolts, gears, etc., to rust. Even though the price of a single item may be low, the total cost may run into the thousands. By choosing a consumables cover, you will be protected from such expenses.
  • Tyre Protect Cover: Tyres experience significant wear and tear, particularly during the monsoon season. By purchasing this add-on, you can be sure that all labour costs and tyre replacement expenses will be covered if your car’s tires are damaged. If a car breakdown leaves you stranded on the road, this cover will assist you when you need roadside assistance. You can call your insurer for help if you have this additional cover.

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Preparing your car for the monsoon season is essential for ensuring safety, reliability, and longevity. By following the tips and methods outlined in this guide, such as checking tires, brakes, and lights and maintaining proper fluid levels, you can minimise the risks associated with driving in wet and slippery conditions. Regular maintenance and proactive measures will help keep your car monsoon-ready, allowing you to navigate the challenges of rainy weather with confidence and peace of mind.

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